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All Zeke's pumps are tested to ensure proper, leak-free operation. This is just another reason we are confident to offer a one year warranty.

Zeke's Remote Electric Automotive Engine Coolant / water  pump model ZP20:
Flow rate: 20 gpm
Electrical consumption: 12V, approx. 6A
Weight: approx. 5 lb 
Ideal for drag racing, tractor pull, and turbo inter-cooler service.  It was designed for continuous use, but may not be adequate for street use. C
ontact Zeke's to discuss your specific application.

The model ZL20 is our Light weight pump. Its performance is similar to the ZP20 except it weighs about one pound less (4 lb - 2 oz) and draws about 8 amps. The ZL20 is ideal for drag racing, tractor pull, and other short duration events, but is NOT intended for long duration events such as circle track, or street use.

20 gpm is enough flow to keep a V8 cool during a run down the drag strip.  Once the car is pitted, this pump can cool it back down in just minutes - ready for the next run.

For comparison purposes, a typical garden hose flows about 5 to 10 gpm. 

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